Cycle Tracker


Go to and listen to the episodes on cycle briefing, or start Season 2 to know more about how to use this tracking sheet.

All the info in an app coming soon! Getting this sheet enrolls you as a beta tester.

Ever think, “What in the world is wrong with me? I was fine last week and now I just can not handle this!?” It sounds like its time to track your cycle!

Now, I hear you saying… “I have an IUD, I don’t have a cycle.” or “I just had a baby/ I’m pregnant, my hormones are all over the place.” OR “I had an ablation, I don’t bleed.”


Track your symptoms, not your bleed!  You’re cycling simply because you’re a cyclical being! No bleed? Use the moon! Full moon is Day 1, new moon is day 14.

Start paying attention and take the guess work out of your day to day!


1 review for Cycle Tracker

  1. Elizabeth Olson

    I hadn’t had a period in 5 years, and after a month of tracking my cycle, I started having a regular period. I’ve had 3 regularly scheduled bleeds now and have been able to anticipate my mood and patterns even down to by buying habits! – Holli A.

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