with elizabeth o

Creating a safe space to normalize hard conversations between women

Events, Lunches, Retreats for Women who are ready to have mental, physical, spiritual, hormonal, and financial health conversations and learn from being together

Step 1

Let’s be friends.

Find me on socials and join the conversation.

Step 2

Let’s learn together!

Join me on my podcast and listen when you feel like you just can’t do one more day. Just do TODAY!

Step 3

Let’s hang out IRL.

Join me for lunch.

Join me for a retreat.

Helping you be a happy mom through fun events, retreats and even a podcast!

Self-care isn’t selfish.

Moms do it all! Rocking mom jeans means you wear different hats at different times of the day! Our RYMJ community fosters connection, real conversations, and communication about our individual journeys before, into, and through motherhood. You’re welcome here. Join us.

Let’s rock this thing together.

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