Cycle Tracking and Tutoring

Harmony with your brain; your cycle.

Helping women and teens with ADHD manage their schedule and mental health with Elizabeth O.

Want to stop feeling like you’re running in circles?

Tired of frustration that you can’t get what was on your agenda accomplished?

Want to predict when your me-monster (or mini) is going to try to run the show?

Working with Elizabeth teaches you to optimize your life using your menstrual cycle.

She will teach you how to reframe each week of your cycle so you can finally know how much energy and what type of focus you’re going to have. We all have different versions of ourselves and each week comes with varying levels of energy and zest for life. Maximize your productivity and adjust your expectations by living in sync with the way you were created.

Start with a 1-on-1 consult with Elizabeth now and get access to the FREE Cycle Tracker and to learn how to restructure your schedule into a cyclical week. OR if you’re a DIY kind of gal, purchase the Cycle Guide Bundle to see how the four seasons of the year correlate with different phases of your menstrual cycle.

What You’ll Learn:

– Cycle Basics and Beyond
– The Cyclical Week
– How your Cycle Affects your Mood & More

Look, I get it. I was formally diagnosed with ADHD at age 33 after a bad bout of PPD and the wrong types of medication. I knew that something was off on a metabolic level- this just couldn’t be the way things were. After over 5 years living in ebb and flow, I have found the key! My passion to create systems and routines that work has helped others through connection and a twist on perspective.

I’m based in Salt Lake City and have hosted events and retreats focused on bringing women together to normalize hard conversations, focused on Mental Health.

Elizabeth O.